Style Rules from Penny Mountbatten

Style Rules from Penny Mountbatten

No stranger to British social occasions and etiquette, Penny Mountbatten, an ambassador to some of the country’s top brands, shares her advice on how to look effortlessly stylish.


Pick timeless pieces

I favour designers who create beautiful, timeless clothes that are collectable. Mainly because I love and want to hang on to the old way of dressing without being out of fashion. For me, buying clothes has to be an investment, so I try to be discerning. I love wearing things that are really good quality. Now I am all about having essential items that are really beautiful and will last a lifetime. 


Timeless tailored clothes for work and occasionwear


Have a capsule wardrobe

I don’t want to spend my life trying on 15 dresses. I have tried and tested outfits that give me confidence and effortless grace. Everything in my wardrobe is very classic. I have four pairs of earrings, four floaty dresses, three pairs of silk evening trousers (I love wearing silk trousers with shirts and high heels) and about five designer pieces for Black Tie events. I also have my personal collection of favourites from Lalage Beaumont's handbags in about five different colours, which work perfectly with my capsule collection of clothes.


Workwear and Occasionwear Lalage Beaumont, Knightsbridge, London Boutique

Dress for your age

You can pretty much get away with wearing anything if you’re 20 year’s old and have a stunning figure. At my age, as long as you stay modest you can also get away with a lot. That said, bending the rules can be fun but depends who you’re with at each occasion. One rule I tend to follow is always below the knee with skirts and always have upper arms covered. But if it’s very hot I would show shoulders and have a jacket or pashmina when required.


Occasionwear, Mother of the Bride outfits, matching dress coats


Don’t underestimate the power of a trouser suit

I happen to work in China a lot and I’ve noticed women there favour the trouser suit. They look so feminine and powerful. I love the idea of walking around a boardroom in an amazing suit and being completely in charge.  I have four beautifully-tailored trouser suits in different colours. No matter what age we are, we all suffer from self-doubts but if I feel confident in what I am wearing I can stand up and give a speech or presentation and feel self-assured. Trouser suits really are so elegant and chic. I love them and have worn one for the last two years to Royal Ascot.


Lalage Beaumont, Workwear and Occasionwear, Tailored Women's wear, Mother of the Bride


Don’t be afraid to dress up

Dressing up smartly has come back into fashion again. All girls love to dress up, it’s such a pleasure. Really smart events are less formal than they used to be – no one wears a tiara or gloves anymore, but I personally love wearing hats. Lalage Beaumont generally has the perfect hat for an outfit that works effortlessly, either matching or not depending on what you’re looking for.


Lalage Beaumont, Mother of the Bride Outfits, Matching Dress Coats, Dresses and Hats


Give a good first impression

People make up their mind about you within the first 15 seconds of meeting you, so what you wear is key to the impression you give. You can bend and change that opinion as you go on of course, but to make a good first impression you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.  It’s all about how the clothes make you feel. You can’t fail with classic cuts and tailored pieces, they’re confidence boosting and provide you with a professional look. No matter if you’re having a bad hair day or running late for a meeting, arrive looking confident, cool and together.


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Make sure what you wear really fits

One of the many things I love about Lalage Beaumont is that the team is really lovely and friendly and not snooty at all about my size - which some designers can be. The shop is always buzzing, particularly around the handbags – it’s like a honeypot. But there is always someone to give advice and personal styling tips. For Ascot, I went in only four days before the event, as I found out that a friend was wearing the same outfit as I had been intending to wear. I chose something new, which fitted me almost perfectly, but needed minor alterations, the team managed to turn it around in three days!  

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