Our Commitment to Sustainability

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"As a relatively small brand, we cannot hope to control everything in the supply chain, but what we can control, we do.

Sustainability is a journey where we are all learning and trying to improve all the time. However the most important thing any of us can do to reduce the harmful effects of fashion on the environment, is to buy less. We offer timeless, well-made clothing and accessories that can be worn and loved for years, enabling our customers to buy less.”

- Lalage Beaumont -


This all takes place in the UK, in London and occasionally in Northamptonshire (in England). Strict adherence is paid to workers rights, all workers are paid fairly and work in a safe environment.

Our Fabrics

We use natural fibres wherever possible as these are not only the most comfortable to wear, they also biodegrade or can be recycled.

Our fabrics are nearly all sourced from Europe where strict procedures are in place to reduce harmful effluents and dangerous practices in the production of textiles.

Fabrics are ordered in small quantities to eliminate waste.


Our handbags are made in Italy and Spain by responsible family businesses. Every effort is made to reduce waste as much as possible. EU workplace requirements are strictly followed and workers are in safe environments where they are paid properly and treated fairly.

Our leathers

All of our leather is sourced in Italy, mostly from one boutique tannery in Florence. Every care is taken to reduce any harmful effects of tanning leather. More can always be done to improve in this area and we take care to be abreast of advancements so that we can adapt and improve on a constant basis.

For those who believe that 'vegan leather' is more sustainable, we believe more work needs to be done to support this case. Most imitation leathers are made using chemicals and do not biodegrade. Leather is a bi-product of the meat industry and is a natural substance. We are researching into natural alternatives to leather, such as banana leaves and other innovative ideas. As soon as we believe any of these will produce a long-lasting alternative to leather we shall be happy to use them.


We are researching recycled packaging and only use gift boxes where we are specifically requested to do so. When selling from the shop, most garments are put into zipped garment carriers that can be used for years to keep items clean and protected from moths.

Our handbag dust bags are 100% cotton which can be used for years and is biodegradable.


We offer a full repair service for handbags and clothing. Leather goods with damaged locks or wear and tear are repaired by the manufacturer who made them originally.

Clothing is generally repaired in house by our very experienced seamstress. Care instructions are available for all products advising how to keep our items in good condition and protect them from damage.


We produce all garments in small quantities so that we are not left with long lines that have to be disposed of. At the end of the season, some items are discounted and offered for sale in our shop and on our website. Styles will not quickly date and are sufficiently versatile that they can be worn in different ways for many years.

Our handbag collection runs on a continuous basis and therefore stock is rarely reduced. We never destroy any unsold stock. We make every item to last.

If you take care of your Lalage Beaumont handbag or item of clothing, it will take care of you, and give you many years of service. We wholeheartedly believe that our products are to be worn and loved forever.