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"Making so close to where our products are designed, enables us to have control and flexibility so that we can offer fast turnaround when required, we are on hand to resolve problems, and most importantly, we know that the workforce producing our products is paid fairly and working in safe conditions. Carbon footprint is obviously also kept to a minimum." Lalage Beaumont

With a strong commitment to preserving tailoring skills in the UK, Lalage Beaumont is proud to make all of her clothing, not only in Britain, but actually in London.

Having spent many years, before starting her own label, working with famous British brands who had long established and highly skilled factories; working closely with her manufacturers is second nature to Lalage.

The silk scarves that accessorise the handbags are also printed and made in England. Working with British textile designers to develop the prints, Lalage's colourful designs are cut on the bias and therefore very difficult to cut and sew, but sit much better when tied around a bag handle. An artisan workshop close by, skilfully manages to stitch the Ribbons to perfection.

Wherever possible fabric too is sourced from British mills. Sadly many fabric mills in the UK have closed over the years but there still remain some wonderful resources, such as Linton Tweeds, on the border of England and Scotland, who has always produced the wonderful tweeds for Chanel. Nearly every Lalage Beaumont collection includes one or more tweeds from Linton. Another amazing mill that Lalage uses is based in Suffolk. Stephen Walters have been weaving silks in England since 1720 and now combine traditional skills with the latest technology. Exquisite silk jacquards are custom designed and woven especially for Lalage.

Trimmings are always an important part of Lalage Beaumont designs, and customers particularly appreciate the intricate detailing featured on the coats and dress coats. The wonderful cord frogging fastenings are hand made in London, as are the beautiful braid buttons used throughout the collection. Made by a network of outworkers working from home, this is a cottage industry that happily still thrives in a modern city.


Where it is not possible to source from the UK, Lalage buys from the finest mills in Europe (Italy, France and Spain). Most of these have long-established relationships with all the famous couture houses and only produce exclusive designs to order.

The handbag collection is also made in Europe, in Italy and Spain. These two countries are unrivalled as being the finest makers of leather goods and as such offer the best alternative to making in Britain. By using family run manufacturers, with decades of experience, Lalage is able to stay close to the manufacturing process. The leather used for the bags is mostly produced by a boutique tannery in Florence, the traditional home of leather processing.