Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one of those wonderful, traditional British social occasions that comes with a mandatory dress code, specifying when and where a hat is mandatory. When it comes to appropriate dresses for women, each enclosure at Ascot has a different ladies' dress code and Lalage Beaumont has a suitably elegant, stylish outfit for each and every one. For the most up to date Dress Codes, please click here.

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Royal Ascot has for centuries been a key date on the British social season calendar - a five-day Royal Meeting held annually in the third week of June - and, particularly important for those attending for the first time, attendees must adhere to a specific dress code, which is different for each enclosure. Lalage Beaumont and her team are very experienced in dressing women for Royal Ascot and would be delighted to advise any customer visiting the Knightsbridge boutique on her look for this formal event, from appropriate tailored dresses and dress coats to smart handbags and hats of varying sizes. Debrett's, the expert source for all things related to British etiquette, explains that the Royal Ascot dress code owes much to the Edwardian era, with its tailcoats and large ladies' hats: this quintessentially British style still influences dress codes today, and these are particularly strict in the Royal and Queen Anne enclosures. The dress codes are slightly more relaxed in the Village and Windsor Enclosures.