Discover the perfect outfits for royal investitures by Lalage Beaumont. Browse the collection of exquisitely tailored dresses, matching coats, dress coats, jackets and coordinating hats; these outfits, made from the finest fabrics, are just right for an investiture ceremony whether receiving your own honours or accompanying your partner or a family member. Our expert team can advise on the complete look.

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An investiture is the very special day when someone who has been awarded an honour receives their award in person from a member of the Royal Family. The investee visits a Royal residence, usually Buckingham Palace, with members of their family, to receive their insignia. Approximately 30 investiture ceremonies are hosted each year and each is a fantastic formal occasion. Visit Lalage Beaumont to ensure that you have found your outfit well in advance of the event itself; then you'll know it is perfectly appropriate and be able to fully enjoy the experience rather than worrying about what you're wearing. The expert team at Lalage Beaumont is very experienced in helping customers with investiture outfits, and has also assisted new ambassadors or diplomats and their wives with appropriate attire advice. Complete your outfit of a dress coat or skirt suit with a chic, compact handbag and a stylish hat, either subtle or statement; all of the hats are made in England by a specialist milliner who dyes the colours precisely to match Lalage's vibrant clothing.