Luxury Ethical Fashion by Lalage Beaumont

Luxury Ethical Fashion by Lalage Beaumont

Lalage Beaumont produces sustainable womenswear that has minimal impact on the environment and is ethically produced in safe and fair work environments - in London.


Sustainability in fashion is becoming a much-overused expression, and by itself generally meaningless. We prefer to say ethically produced fashion and in that regard our credentials are second-to-none.

When it comes to ethically-produced fashion, quality is key. This is something that lies at the heart of Lalage Beaumont's brand ethos. In stark contrast to fast fashion, the womenswear that we create is designed and made to last wear after wear, year after year. Our customers tell us frequently how much they love the timeless designs and high quality fabrics, and how they are still wearing pieces bought from our earliest collections. We only make investment pieces that can be restyled and worn repeatedly. 

While we do tend to create statement pieces each season, the majority of our womenswear and business wear is designed as a capsule collection. Shopping ethically is not a new concept for Lalage Beaumont. Being able to wear our pieces in different ways, dressing them up or down has always been at the heart of our design concept.

When it comes to ethically-produced fashion, quality is key. This is something that lies at the heart of Lalage Beaumont's brand ethos. 

We have always stressed that when you buy a matching dress and jacket you can pair that jacket with trousers from the collection or jeans you already own, as well as wear the dress with other jackets or cover ups. Dressing sustainably or ethically doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We encourage our customers to buy with their existing wardrobe in mind and complement what they already have, to create new looks.

Customers want to know where their clothes come from now and brands need to be open about where they source their fabrics and manufacture their clothing. We are so please to be able to say our clothes are made in London, they always have been and always will be.

With regard to fabrics, we always steer clear of synthetic fabrics, which have a high environmental impact in the production phase, do not bio-degrade and shed micro plastics into the ocean and our water supplies when they're washed. Sourcing materials that stand the test of time is very important to us, as are the mills that we source our fabrics from. In the both the UK and Europe they have been going for generations, and care about their workers and the environment.

Lalage Beaumont’s handbags are made in Spain and Italy by the very best artisan makers. And although we do use leather, we try to adhere to our ethical values by working with small, independent factories, which pride themselves on producing exquisite quality handbags.

As with our womenswear collections, the handbags are designed to be passed on through generations and worn by our customers over many years. They are not designed to follow fast fashion trends and be worn one day, then thrown the next – they are functional pieces with longevity.


Lalage Beaumont only produces small runs of each of our womenswear and handbag collections, in a bid to limit waste. We offer a made-to-measure service to ensure that any clothing our customers buy will fit in them beautifully. And when people buy online we use minimal packaging, sending products using recyclable paper and cardboard.

As a luxury womenswear brand, we know where we stand in terms of ethical fashion. It is a subject that is very wildly communicated nowadays and its context can take many forms. We are starting to see more and more conglomerates in the international fashion industry turn their heads in this direction but we have been walking that path for years, doing our best to produce a timeless clothing and accessories collection to the highest ethical standards. That has always been and will remain core to our brand.


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