Investment shopping: How to select versatile pieces

Investment shopping: How to select versatile pieces

“Lalage Beaumont outfits will never be landfill”

A statement that, as a luxury womenswear brand made in England, we take very seriously. Sustainable fashion is a topic on everyone’s lips at the moment and consumer awareness of environmental and sustainability issues are growing, with reports that shoppers are switching from their preferred brands to ones that source and manufacture more responsibly.


For London-based Lalage Beaumont, sustainable fashion is not a fad or fleeting trend but one we have been adopting since the brand was launched in 2005. The collections we produce transcend the flightiness of high fashion and are designed and made in the UK to have lasting appeal.


Investment shopping. Sustainable occasion and work wear for women


We have all been guilty at some time of panic buying items that won’t have more than one outing or making less than sensible decisions when it comes to our wardrobes, such as buying something that isn’t quite the right size. But it doesn’t have the be that way. Unlike much of what is on offer from many designers, customers often describe Lalage Beaumont’s womenswear collection as true investment style. One of the services we pride ourselves on is helping customers to find the pieces that they will love now and forever; jackets to be worn with matching skirts or dressed down with jeans, dresses to style up or down with heels or flat sandals and bags you’ll want to pass down to generations after you.


“I’m passionate about designing every piece in each collection that will stand the test of time. When a client visits the shop, my aim is for her to find the jacket that will live on well beyond one season and can be worn in so many different ways,” says Lalage.


Investment shopping. Sustainable occasion and work wear for women


So how does one go about selecting those investment pieces?


Firstly, although we are often thought of for occasionwear, it’s important not to think of just the one occasion that you’ll wear that outfit.  Heading somewhere for an event is exciting and we inevitably feel that we need something new and special but that can easily lead to you choosing something to wear only once.  So instead of buying something for one specific event, why not think about the style of the events you have coming up over the next few months or year. Group them together by formality or venue. Do you need one jacket to wear with a pair of trousers and a dress or a dress to wear with two different jackets. Think about what you already have in your wardrobe and add the statement pieces as you go.


If you choose a piece of clothing with a simple print or colour that you know you always love, rather than a trend-led print or seasonal colour, you’ll be able to wear it over and over again. Our Claire coats, for example, come in a range of tweed colours, from neutrals to pastels. Worn over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt they create a stylish look for lunches or informal meetings. Worn with a matching dress, like the Angie, the coat works for races, weddings and client-facing days at the office. With clever styling and accessorising, you’ll never feel like you’re creating the same look again and again.


Investment shopping, sustainable womenswear, occasionwear and workwear.


How many times have you held onto an item of clothing that doesn’t quite fit, in the hope that it will again one day? Off-the-peg clothing is made to fit all shapes and sizes and so the chances are it won’t everyone perfectly. It’s also beyond tempting to snap something up you’ve fallen in love with in a sale, which may be one size too small or too big. Instead of letting your clothes gather dust at the back of your wardrobe make sure you buy outfits that do actually fit you. And if they don’t, have them altered!


At Lalage Beaumont we offer in-house alterations for all our customers for our off-the-peg options and if you want something unique or if you don’t fall within the standard size range, we also offer demi-couture and made-to-measure. Creating an investment wardrobe relies on having clothes that you can really wear, rely on and not just look at.


In a similar vein, it’s important that the clothes you have make you feel fabulous and fill you with confidence. Don’t buy something on a whim because you’ve seen someone else wearing it and they looked amazing. With appointments available for personal shopping and discreet changing areas in our Knightsbridge shop, you can try clothes on in private and get a second opinion – if you want it – from the highly-experienced shop staff and the designer herself.



“When clients are keen on colours that are really not good for them then I encourage them to try on other options and show how the right shades can complement their complexion – many of us are guilty of choosing colours we are familiar with and do not realise how certain colours suit us much better than others,” says Lalage.


“For shapes, many people have fixed ideas in their minds about what suits them and what doesn’t and so it takes some gentle encouragement to try what may be a better shape or a more flattering length etc.  The important thing though is not to push anyone into something they are not comfortable with and won’t enjoy wearing. The best news we can hear is how much our clients have worn our outfits and how many compliments they have received!”


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