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In Conversation with Katharine Pooley

In Conversation with Katharine Pooley
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At Lalage Beaumont we simply love to get to know our Knightsbridge neighbours. One such business, based just around the corner in Walton Street, is that of luxury interior designer Katharine Pooley. Known for her beautiful designs and even more beautiful boutique, certainly worth a visit if you are in the area, Pooley has gained fame across the UK and further afield thanks to her grand designs that capture the imagination of both her clients and industry peers. We shared a quick 5 minute chat with the designer extraordinaire and discussed her influences, works and fashion.

What influenced you to become an interior designer?

As an interior designer I have always had an appreciation for good design and aesthetics. From an early age I have been fortunate to travel both personally and professionally and this exposure to different ways of living, different designs and different styles all that have influenced me to take my passion and create a business. At the core of what I do I believe that an interior designer is someone who gets to understand their clients’ tastes, styles and lifestyles and reflect that in the interiors of their homes and residences.

Which part of your job makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

My job is incredible varied and no two days are ever the same. Heading up a team has changed a lot of my day to day role but I still like to maintain a very hands on approach. At the start of my career I juggled various aspects of a project, and still do, and I have always enjoyed nearly every part of my job from initially meeting and understanding my client to sourcing fabrics and pieces. The main difference now is that I get to share that and work with my teams to achieve it.

What would be your dream property to design?

When you create your own business nearly every day is almost like a dream. I never get bored of thinking about how I have been able to take my passion and grow it into a successful business. In terms of properties I enjoy working on, each project is a unique chance to develop a relationship with the client, understand their lifestyle and needs and work with them to create beautiful designs. In particular, I enjoy working on second homes and residences. For me there is something quite amazing about working on a space that is principally used as a retreat - a way to escape from the world - and I enjoy creating a harmonious and soothing ambience.

How do you define your style?

Drawing influences from many aspects makes it difficult to truly define my style and certainly my style is that of each client who I work with. At the heart of what I try to achieve for each client is to create a fabulous home or space. I am very much influenced by my travels, by music, art and fashion and feel that the contemporary, yet cosy, style I create is unique to how I work.

Which project means the most to you?

Each project is truly unique. Much like your designs I imagine each one means something special and takes on its own meaning. I can’t quite say which of my projects means that most to me as what really gives me satisfaction is seeing the client’s reaction. Some recent stand out projects for myself have been working on the Royal Suite at Heathrow  and, on a more personal level, working on Forter Castle which has been within my family for many years.

What business wardrobe types can you give?

I am very much a firm believer in the need to be both comfortable and stylish. In my daily job I am constantly on the move and by wardsbobe needs to reflect that - both to be client facing and something practical. For me, form, cut and texture in all of my outfits are key to looking and feeling great.

We would like to thank Katharine for taking the time to share her World with ourselves. For more information on her designs and boutique visit https://katharinepooley.com/

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