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business wardrobe for womenAt Lalage Beaumont we spend a lot of time trying to think the way our clients think. We have many customers who are looking for outfits suitable for a smart work environment and find it very difficult to find pieces that work but that are not too boring. Women’s business wear needs to be so many things at once that it can make the shopping process frustrating. Looking smart whilst not blending into the background, making a statement but not too much of one, looking feminine but without the frills, being comfortable enough to sit all day and still look good at a reception afterwards is all a tricky balance to maintain. My own years in the corporate world and experience of creating professional designer womenswear have given me an understanding of what really works and we think we have these issues covered at our London boutique.

Shopping for the perfect business wear for women

The stand out jacket

Most of us have a few pieces in our wardrobe that are like ‘old friends’, the things that we just know we can rely on to make us feel good and give the right impression. When we find these wonderful, rare pieces that really satisfy all the criteria for stylish work looks, most of us tend to be on the lookout for more! At Lalage Beaumont we try to have a few really great jackets each season that can just be added to an existing wardrobe making them perfect as part of a comprehensive travel wardrobe or adding that much needed splash of colour as everyday top dressing over the ubiquitous black.   What better to enable you to exude an aura of cool confidence in the workplace?

The staples

Finding the ‘ubiquitous black’ that will go on and on and work with the stand out jacket is sometimes more difficult that one imagines. These pieces require refreshing every few seasons and really need to be the right shape of skirt and trousers that fit properly, the simple dresses at the right length that work with different jackets and of course a good overcoat that covers all dress lengths and means you can arrive at a meeting knowing you look as good as you will after taking the coat off! Pure wool is the ideal as it breathes and won’t crease too much and if it does, overnight on a hanger should sort it out making it ready to work again the next day. And to go under your jackets, a really good, well-fitting fine jersey T that will go on and on and doesn’t really require ironing, will stay black if black and keep its shape; needless to say we have all these covered too!

The business dress

More and more of us are dispensing with jackets for working and just want a really good dress. Now is very much in the era of the tailored dress and this works very well as a smart alternative to a suit. It also gives the opportunity to wear all-over colour and experiment with different types of fabrics. A glamorous black and white tweed shift conveys all the right messages in such a very chic way or a fabulous colour block dress will introduce a bit of fun to your wardrobe, making getting dressed in the morning just a bit more exciting!

The travel wardrobe

A standard part of modern working life seems to have to involve a lot of travelling. Endless short trips, often meaning you are straight off a plane to a meeting and then a quick change for dinner. This really requires a properly planned business travel wardrobe that you can put together without thinking about it every time you pack. A tailored suit works well for the plane and the meeting when you arrive and then you can swap to a colour splash jacket perhaps thrown over the same skirt or trousers or dress in the evening so you don’t have to change completely. For longer trips a selection of Ts that will fit easily in your cabin bag and won’t crease can be a godsend as can having a jacket/dress/skirt and trousers all in the same fabric to mix and match easily. All of these can be livened up with some stunning accessories such as accent scarves or statement fun jewellery.

We stock a wide selection of exclusive womenswear at our Knightsbridge boutique for all your business needs including elegant suits and dresses, plus some of the best made to measure business wear for women in London. To talk to us about how we can help you just get in touch here, pop into the shop or start shopping on our website!

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