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Finding the right hat

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Sadly hat wearing has almost gone out of fashion except for the occasional resurgence, as now of the Fedora. Looking at old photos from the 1950s where everyone was hatted (men in a bowler, trilby or flat hat or women in chic millinery of an incredible variety), by comparison today our streets have certainly lost some style.   In England though, where we do like to cling to a few traditions, we still like to don a hat in the summer for Royal Ascot (compulsory of course) and for weddings.   The problem with not wearing hats often is that not everyone is totally comfortable with the idea and just feel they have to conform. But nothing can make you feel as glamorous as the right hat, all it takes is a little confidence – and of course the right hat!

      Whether it’s a hat for Ascot or to complete the perfect mother of the bride outfit, our clients come from all over London and beyond to find hats that flatter the wearer, wow the onlooker and complement the outfit. All quite a challenge if you buy the outfit in one place and the hat in another! It is always good too, to be able to see how the outfit you have chosen goes with a hat before you make your final decision.

      For those who are not comfortable in a large hat, a hat on a band is a very popular choice and has the added advantage that it won’t give you hat hair when you take it off for evening dancing at a wedding. Worn on a slant towards the front of the head, these hats can be very flattering and at least you can kiss on one side! Smaller hats worn forwards and again to the side mean you can kiss on both sides... although you might poke an eye out with a feather!   The fabulous pillbox that Carla Bruni wore from Dior was a wonderful compromise. Neatly sitting on the back of her head with her hair flowing avoided any possibility of her looking like an air hostess as sadly the iconic Jackie O’ style tends to look if worn today.

      A big brim, though, is when glamour really comes in to it and flatters most people when they actually try it. No, you won’t look like a mushroom! You will actually look much more like Audrey or Grace and as long as you choose the right shape for you and also the right colour, you will look and feel a million dollars. OK, kissing is a bit of a problem, as is a tall husband who actually won’t see you for the day - but never mind, you will look fabulous! An up-brim is great for the photos as it won’t shade or hide your face but don’t be afraid to wear your hat at the right angle – straight and not on the back of your head like a halo.

      And as for hats for the races, why not take advantage of the fashion for fedoras and choose a bright red one!   Flattering on nearly everyone and the most practical thing for the rain, the classic fedora is the perfect winter/spring/autumn accessory and ideal with sumptuous tweed on a cold day.

      Being based in London, we’re proud to offer our clients a wonderful choice of hats, all made in the UK to match our exclusive British womenswear range. Feel free to come and try on a variety of styles - just drop in any time to the boutique in Knightsbridge and find the right hat for you!

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